Trans Twitch Action

Amplify trans voices on Twitch

Two years ago, request for a trans tag was made to Twitch. Despite it being the second most voted on request ever, so far all they have done is tell us that they "are listening". Clearly they are not. Help us get our voice heard! This tag would help trans people find others like us and find communities where we can be ourselves without having to be afraid. Community is extremely important to trans people, but Twitch does not want to help us build one.

Tweet @Twitch

If you have a twitter account, Tweet @twitch and tell them we need a trans tag and we need it now. Include the hashtag #transtagnow. While you're at it, rally your followers to the cause!

Vote and Comment

Go to the request page and tell Twitch why you support a trans tag. Don't just vote, leave an actual comment!. You'll need a twitch account to do this.

Spread the word

Let people know that twitch is ignoring trans people! Share this on social media, mention it in your streams, help amplify our voices, and make it impossible to ignore us.

What's happening?

We are trying to get Twitch to add a #trans tag for streamers to use. A request for such a tag was made on March 4 2019, which is two years ago and other than some insincere "we are listening" posts, Twitch is still to move on it, despite the request being one of the most voted for requests in their system.

We want more from Twitch than lip service on inclusivity. We want action. We want a trans tag.


Why is this important to trans people?

Trans people are a very marginalised group. it is hard for us to find others like us and places where we can feel safe. Twitch has an LGBTQIA+ tag, but sadly even there we sometimes encounter transphobia. Being able to see and interact with other people like us makes us feel less outcast and more accepted in the world, and gives us spaces to talk about some of the very complex issues we deal with and be understood.